The Conference Format

Philosophed 2014: Education: Philosophical Contexts in ХХІ century.

The conference will serve as an open platform for discussions and reflections on the proposed topic from the standpoints of various research areas within and outside philosophy. Conference description offers a list of tentative questions that will be discussed. But the possible topics are not limited to those on the list. We invite participants to formulate original problems and to present fresh views on education. The main aim is prompting and maintaining the dialogue between young researchers, who work within “different philosophic languages”.

In order to reach this goal the organizational committee will ensure the suitable conditions for productive and interesting work of the conference. After completing registration every submitted paper will undergo a review to make sure of its originality and relevance to the topic. There will be a section division in accordance with problems raised in submitted papers.

To ensure mutual understanding and general involvement in conference discussions participants are required to prepare visual presentations in support for their papers. All presentations are to be completed in English. The papers can be submitted either in English or in Ukrainian. Participants are free to choose the language of oral presentations at the conference.

All accepted and presented papers will be published in Conference book.

Apart from section discussions there will be other academic and social events, aimed keeping the conversations on outside the conference hall and providing an opportunity for participants to make acquaintances with colleagues. Information about these extra events will be published on this website and on the other informational resources of the conference.

We invite participants to follow the updates and engage in discussions on social media. and

We are looking forward to seeing you at Philosophed 2014 in Kyiv, Ukraine!