Philosophed (Eng)


International conference for students and young scholars

Philosophed 2014 : “Education: Philosophical Contexts in ХХІ century”

November 5-6. Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Relevant topics:

  • Education in informational age. Traditional vs. innovative education.
  • Ethical and exiological perspectives on education.
  • Does education “keep up” with dynamics of communities changes and requests?
  • Theory vs. practics as modes of education. Is narrative model effective in modern classroom?
  • Contemporary education: formal requirements or qualitative contents?
  • Education as practice of freedom.
  • Is privatization of education a social solidarity disruption?
  • Educational practices: self-education to mass education. Education as a mean of marketing and ideology.
  • Education and power: overlap, interaction and contradiction points.
  • Simulacrum of political in educational sphere.
  • Postcolonialism: against the established Enlightment universalism values.
  • Person and education: self-development or internalization of social experience. Can education subserve critical thinking?

Registration and paper submission deadline – October, 13 at

Official languages of the confrence: english, ukrainian.
Participation fee: UAH 70 (about $6 or €5)

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Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Scholarly Assosiation of Students and Post-graduates.

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