Split, Croatia
University of Split
11-14 June 2015

Dear Delegate,

The International Advisory Board is pleased to announce the Call For Papers for the Tenth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. The Social Sciences Conference will be held 11-14 June 2015 at the University of Split in Split, Croatia.


“Interdisciplinary Approaches to Contemporary Social Change”

Modern societies face a number of overarching changes. The consequences of these changes are equally evident at the local as well as global level, influencing the everyday lives of individuals and large societal aggregates. The role of the social sciences is of pivotal significance in the interpretation of these intense social changes. More than other disciplines, the social sciences are in an integral position to recognize changes and problems, determine causal links, interpret the available information, and offer solutions.

Accordingly, the aim of the 2015 Social Sciences Conference is to contribute to the identification and understanding of different recent social issues, with a focus on social changes that we face in the various segments of the social world. The conference offers a wide range of topics that may be discussed in local and global terms, either through the prism of the social sciences or through interdisciplinary collaborations.


Proposals for paper presentations, workshops, poster presentations, or colloquia are invited that discuss the broader themes listed below. In addition to the special focus, paper presentations will be grouped into one of the following categories for presentation at the conference:

Theme 1: Social and Community Studies
Theme 2: Civic and Political Studies
Theme 3: Cultural Studies
Theme 4: Global Studies 
Theme 5: Environmental Studies 
Theme 6: Organizational Studies
Theme 7: Educational Studies
Theme 8: Communication
Theme 9: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Contemporary Social Change

Presenters may also choose to submit written papers for publication to the fully refereed Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Collection. If you are unable to attend the conference in person, you may still join the community by becoming a member and submit your article for peer review and possible publication, upload an online presentation, and enjoy subscriber access to the journal.

Proposals for in-person presentations should be submitted by 14 APRIL 2015 (title and short abstract). Proposals submitted after this day will be accommodated in non-themed sessions at the conference or are eligible for community membership registrations (no attendance at conference required with community membership presentations).

For more information on the conference including confirmed plenary speakers as well as details on submitting your proposal and registering for the conference, visit:

Web address:
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